Finally I can talk about this out loud. We announced just minutes ago in the day 2 key note at MAX that the CF team at Adobe is hard at work on an Eclipse based IDE for ColdFusion development, codenamed Bolt. The codename Bolt comes from some nostalgia of the past lightning bolt in the old CF logo but also reminds us that CF is RAD and we’re commmitted to giving CF developers more RAD tools and features. Bolt will be tightly integrated with Centaur, but will be a separate product release and available separately from Centaur. Similar to Gumbo, with which Bolt is also tightly integrated, Bolt is another perspective in Eclipse, specifically for CF development. Bolt will make creating traditional web applicatons faster and RIA dev easier than ever. Some features of Bolt announced today are:

– Object Relational Mapping auto-configuration
– Application Code Generation
– Server management
– Easily extensible through the Eclipse framework
– CFML, HTML, Javascript, and CSS Syntax Highlighting
– Code assist for tags, functions, variables, and components
– Code folding
– Snippet creation and management
– Outline viewing
– RDS Explorer for files and databases
– Line-level Debugging

To join the Bolt and/or Centaur betas once they are available, please go to Adobe labs pages:

Bolt information & beta application
Centaur information & beta application

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