Students and teachers now have the power, reach and richness to teach and learn how to build dynamic Web sites and Internet applications more easily with the free availability of Adobe ColdFusion 8. ColdFusion 8 is a powerful development tool that increases teacher and student productivity, integrates with complex enterprise environments, and delivers rich and engaging experiences for users. Academic institutions are experiencing increasing demands for studentsto develop ColdFusion skills earlier in their education to meet the high workforce demand for rich Internet application developers. Through this free offering, faculty can now easily integrate ColdFusion into their curriculum and enable students to advance their Web application learning more quickly and easily.

ColdFusion 8 enables developers to seamlessly integrate their ColdFusion applications with other RIA technologies such as Adobe Flex and AIR (both of which are free to educators), AJAX and PDF. Teachers and students can now use ColdFusion to connect to databases, Web services and any other server-side infrastructure to create Internet applications for learning purposes. Thus, teachers can provide tandem instruction on both the use of ColdFusion and other RIA and enterprise technologies, equipping students to graduate with more well-rounded and comprehensive career skills in building RIAs and enterprise applications.


Adobe ColdFusion 8 is now available free for download to eligible students and educators through 8 integrates with a broad range of platforms and systems. It’s supported on the leading J2EE application servers and natively integrates Java, .Net, Microsoft Exchange Server, web services and more. For more detailed information about ColdFusion 8, visit

For Frequently Asked Questions, please see the FAQ.

*This free offering of ColdFusion 8 is for learning purposes only and not applicable to educational institutions using ColdFusion in production environments.

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