Boston University’s IT team recently built a Facebook-like site for their business school… a la ColdFusion with just one CF developer in 9 weeks. Mass High Tech published an article on it.

Quick excerpt:

“The system was developed by one programmer over nine weeks using Adobe Inc.’s ColdFusion and Oracle Corp.’s Oracle Database, DeFronzo said. “It’s actually pretty slick for nine weeks,” DeFronzo said.

The network cost the school nothing more than nine weeks of the programmer’s salary — BU already had the ColdFusion and Oracle licenses. The system provides navigational links to Facebook, sports a portal to integrate information from LinkedIn profiles, and supports Google Inc.’s Gadgets. DeFronzo also plans to integrate the social network with student meal accounts, administration accounts, automated course evaluations, grades and schedules.”

Read the full article here: BU biz school creates its own private Facebook-like site By Brendan Lynch

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