Mark Driver recently published a Gartner analyst note on ColdFusion which recommends that agencies and companies continue their investment in CF, as it has a strong future with Adobe and is continuing to grow its market.

The ColdFusion note / report can be purchased from Gartner.

Other quotes from Mark in the note:

“…ColdFusion can provide unique value that is not fully addressed by any competing alternative technology. Most notably, ColdFusion is unmatched by any competitor for ease of use and technical capabilities. When we combine this with cross-platform deployment,and significant integration into both Java and .NET, ColdFusion stands out as a compelling solution for many IT challenges.”

“ColdFusion provides a potential wrapper around the complexity of Java, providing Web developers access to the power of the Java platform via the productivity of a fourth-generation language (4GL).”

“ColdFusion is nearly unique in the industry because it provides a balance of ease of use and advanced features that can support “entry level” business unit application developers, as well as “advanced” centralized IT development teams.”

“We also believe ColdFusion will play a pivotal role in Adobe’s Flash Platform ( Developers with investments in Flash, Flex, Air, BlazeDS and PDF Forms will find ColdFusion an integral supporting player in this technology family.”

Mark recommends you …

“Consider This Product When

  • You need to deliver robust Web applications, and alternatives such as .NET or Java are overkill
  • You are invested in Java and Java EE, and need developer productivity to better your investment in Java
  • You need to augment an otherwise heavily Java-centric IT strategy with a Web application layer that provides a higher level of developer productivity; integration with Java is particularly tight since ColdFusion applications are literally compiled into Java code for runtime execution
  • You need to augment an otherwise heavily .NET-centric IT strategy with a platform that can be deployed to Linux and Unix, while retaining tight connectivity and integration with the Microsoft technology ecosystem
  • You need to integrate Web applications with online Adobe Forms, or provide back-end processing to Flex and Air RIAs”

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